Susan Sharkey-Pirart Texada Island, B.C,

" I just wanted to let you know how helpful I found the tips you shared with us at your Precision Piecing demonstration I attended at this summers trade show. I have incorporated all your tips into my quilting process and the results have been fantastic! My piecing has improved 100%!"

Jennie and Jacie, Momma Made It, Longview WA

" I just wanted to send a quick thank you for this wonderful weekend workshop.  I learned so many great tips that I actually use every time I sit down to quilt.  I have taken many quilting classes over the years and can honestly say I have not learned things that I will continue to use.  I was afraid that these methods would slow my quilting down and that is not the case at all.  I may spend a tiny bit more time but the outcome is worth it.  I have not talked to one single person that took this workshop with me that does not use the methods that we learned.  That right there speaks volumes. This workshop not only increased my precision and accuracy, but I left with an accurate 1/4" seam and the tension exact. "          

Ruth Headley, Bear's Paw Quilts, Whitehorse, Yukon


"I recently attended the Precision Piecing Class , which was taught jointly by Bernie and Shelley.

It  was excellent , Bernie teaching was so thorough  and informative  concerning the equipment and materials that we use every day especially   needles, threads and machines.

His  delivery is aimed to inform, and entertain in such a way that it is easy  to take on board the changes that we need to make.  All the information  is obviously  backed up by  extensive research. We are all grateful  that he does the leg work for us .

Shelley  taught the actual  piecing, such attention to detail, this sort of  precision  can only improve the end product. She made it fun and moved  at a pace that left us unstressed  and able to take in the change of  habits that we need to embrace  to make the improvement permanent.  Already I have made several changes  to my working practices."

Carol Porter, former Education Director, Clover Needlecraft


"This class was wonderfully presented by Shelley and Bernie. They have a way with students that are both informative and empowering. Their genuine, caring, fun-loving ability to deliver information to the students (me included) left us all with wanting more!!

This is cutting edge stuff"

Veronica Longmuir, owner Veronica's Sewing Supplies Kindersley, Saskatchewan

 "Bernie and Shelley did a workshop for us on Aug 30 2016.  We were very pleased with how great they  worked together as a team, they were both very knowledgeable and complimented  each other well, Bernie with technical and product knowledge and Shelley with  her sewing techniques and how to use the product. They were willing to share and answer  questions and their goal was to help every student achieve her goal as to the  level of precision they wished to achieve. We love their products that they have developed and we know that many  more wonderful items are to come."