The Precision Piecing Products

Where to get them!

The Acorn Precision Piecing Products have been picked up by four major US distributors and one in Canada. They are being ordered by more quilt stores every day. If your local store does not yet carry them, they can be mail ordered from Alex Anderson's Quilt Show.

Also check out our Friends of Precision Piecing section for stores that have our products now.  Some of them also do mail order.

Tell Your local Quilt Store!

Let your local store know that you are looking for the Acorn Precision Piecing Products. They are available from their favorite distributor.

Our Philosophy on Sales

We truly appreciate the trust and loyalty of the stores that sell our products and feel that we should not sell and compete against them.  When we attend shows and demonstrate, we will always direct you to a retailer. We want to build good relationships with the stores that support us.

Acorn Precision Piecing Products Tutorial

Seam Align Gentle Hold Fabric Glue and Easy Press Pen with Easy Press Solution Starter Kit

Seam Align Gentle Hold Fabric Glue

Seam Align glue is designed to gently hold two pieces of fabric together to prevent shifting. It will not leave a ring around the needle or mess up your sewing area. There is no hard dot of glue for a needle to hit and deflect. It is totally water soluble and non-toxic.

Applying Seam Align

Gently squeeze applicator bottle to apply a tiny drop of glue to the fabric. Drops should be about 3/4 of an inch apart. Position the second fabric exactly as desired. 

Heat to set

Once the two pieces are aligned where you want them, set the iron on top for a few seconds to set the glue.

Made a Mistake?

Not to worry. Seam Align pulls apart easily, without damaging the fabric or leaving a bunch of residue. Just reglue and carry on!

Sew Together

Sew with confidence. The top layer won't grow and nothing will shift. No stopping to pull out pins!!

Coming Soon

How to use the Easy Press Pen with Easy Press Solution