Easy Precision Piecing

A New Approach To Accuracy & Organization for Quilters. From C&T Publishing. Coming In July 2018!

If you would like those points to be a little sharper, seams to match up better, or find a better way to organize, this may be your answer. New methods will help all piecers, from raw beginner to seasoned veteran. 

It's not about perfection, but finding the repeatable accuracy that adds that little something extra to your finished quilt!


You And Your Sewing Machine: A Field Guide

A Sewist"s Guide to Troubleshooting, Maintenance, Tips and Techniques. From C&T Publishing. Coming July 2018!

Build a better relationship with your sewing machine! Learn how to understand what it's trying to tell you when it acts up and how to communicate exactly what you  want. 144 pages of tips and tricks with clear pictures to help you. A comprehensive and easy to follow troubleshooting guide, will help you solve many common problems. It's almost like having a counsellor right there! Covers most styles of household machines.

Please note: The title has been changed from Build a Better Relationship with your Sewing Machine, to: You and Your Sewing Machine.

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